001 Ray-Ban Sunglasses, J. Crew Tee, Macy’s Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger Shorts, Converse Sneakers, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, MK Watch, ASOS Ring

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. This holiday always makes summer feel like it is truly ending, even if there are a few more weeks left until fall. But, I wanted to wear a truly summery outfit this weekend that included a bright yellow shirt, classic white shorts, and chambray. And since it was so warm over the weekend, it truly fell like summer was in full effect for the holiday. 002 004 005 006 007


Black & White


Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Zara Shirt & Skirt, Converse Sneakers, Coach Bag, MK Watch, ASOS Jewelry

You may have noticed that I always tend to wear very colorful clothing. I like to think it’s an extension of my colorful personality! So wearing black and white only comes along every so often. But I love a two-tone look that is simple and classic!

003 004 001

On The Town


Calvin Klein Scarf, Zara Coat, H&M Shirt, Target Jeans, Converse Sneakers, BCBG Bag

These are the last outfit photos I took in Frankfurt; we stopped over for one night while travelling back to France (My whole trip will be coming next week!). I love the old town areas with buildings that are out of the ordinary, so colorful, and different. This little square was the perfect spot for pictures!002 003 004

On A Lighter Note


Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Macy’s Shirt, Zara Shorts, Converse Sneakers, MK Watch, BCBG Bag

I love a minimalistic look that is easy to throw on and make you look put together. I love a classic button down but instead of pairing them with a dressy skirt or pants, like I do for work, bermuda shorts are my next go-to for an afterhours look. I am also obsessed with the vertical stripes on this blouse; I have quite a collection of horizontal striped shirts (as seen here), so it’s good to be going in a different direction with patterns!008002 003 004 006