Crepes make the perfect dessert with Nutella and chocolate sauce, but I also love them for breakfast with jam spread inside with a fruit topping. They are so filling, sweet, and delicious! The recipe for the batter is simple enough and they cook very fast for an easy breakfast that is super fancy and classy :)

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Sweet Moments


A few beauty favorites: Maybelline Mascara, E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner, CoverGirl Eyeshadow, CoverGirl Powder, L’Oreal eyeliner

Can I just say how wonderful this weekend was? I think every weekend simply needs to be a three day weekend. I got caught up on lost sleep, watched a few new movies, read my magazines, made a delicious recipe (will be posting on Friday), and spent time with family and friends. I will certainly miss summer, but I am ready to embrace fall! Here are a few sweet moments from the past week.

002Classy sugar cubes for my tea

I don’t know about you, but I am all ready for sweater weather

Summer Whites


Valentino Sunglasses, MNG by Mango Blouse, Vince Camuto Pants, Zara Flats, Loeffler Randall Bag, ASOS Jewels, MK Watch

Although Labor Day is around the corner, I am not ready to give up white just yet. It’s a color I plan on wearing lots of during the coming colder months. But for a summer look, I love mixing a sheer blouse with a pair of pants that’s sophisticated but still fun and easy breezy.

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Sweet Moments

02 Holding onto the last bits of summer

This week is certainly flying by. I am so excited for the three day weekend coming up! I don’t have any plans, but it will be certainly nice to have a day off from work. And even though it means that summer is off icily coming to an end, I am very excited for the fall!03

Love small little lamps

Obsessed with sheer fabrics

Sweet Moments

001A newly discovered favorite as an alternative to my plain water

This past week has certainly made it feel that summer is winding down. The weather is really cooling off, school is starting up, and with Labor Day coming up next weekend, it truly feels like fall is just around the corner. Not to forget, I received my first fall issue that is packed full of style goodness! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week :)002 A new board that is perfect for making all sort of food as well as a for photography
004Discovering purple flowers on the tree in the front yard