Embroidered Bags

Embroidered Bags
Embroidered bags are a great summertime accessory that add lots of color and details to an outfit. I especially think they would be absolutely amazing with an all white ensemble that would be a great addition to a crisp and clean look.

1. Big Buddha Oversized Embroidered Clutch ~ $60
2. Star Mela Ina Embroidered X-Body Duffle Bag ~ $134
3. Antik Batik Badra Bag ~ $256
4. Star Mela Suzie Embroidered Duffle ~ $145
5. Anthropologie Embroidered Botanic Clutch ~ $188
6. Topshop ‘Cuzco’ Embroidered Bucket Bag ~ $50
7. Antik Batik Badra Bag ~ $255
8. Lord & Taylor MAR Y SOL Ellise Embroidered Raffia Clutch ~ $98
9. Free People Myla Embroidered Crossbody ~ $140

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