008Since we were staying in The Hague, we took the train to Amsterdam. It only took an hour to get there and since we only had one day in the city, we had certain sites to fit in that day. We went to the Rijksmuseum, which truly is a must see! They have quite a few famous Rembrandt paintings here as well as many other fine works of art. Out of the many museums I have been to in my life, I would say this is number two, followed behind The Louvre. After the museum, we had lunch at Asian Kitchen, which had some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten. Afterward, we took a boat tour around the city, which provided a great opportunity to get lots of pictures without having to do any walking. Finally, we finished out the day with a tour of the Anne Frank House. I hope that I can return to Amsterdam one day and get to see more of this beautiful city that is one of a kind!002006003001004005007009


5 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. Wow, how pretty! I love the picture of you and the city in the background that also includes a bike <3 So cute and just what I think about what it'd be like going there!

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