Spring Into Slip On Sneakers

Slip-onsI have always been a sneakers kind of girl (I’ve been wearing Converse for as long as I can remember).  A friend once said that I seem to have a perfect pair for any outfit. Sometimes you just have to go the comfort route. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. I love a great pair of slip on sneakers that have fun designs or a bright color. A plaid and floral print, number 4 and 7 respectively, are my favorites for spring!

1. Keds Champion Metallic Lace Sneakers ~ $50
2. Vince Preston Slip On Sneakers ~ $195
3. Sam Edelman Becker Sneaker ~ $110
4. Steve Madden Ecentrcf Sneaker ~ $60
5. Saint Laurent Leopard-Print Slip-On Sneakers ~ $395
6. Miu Miu Suede Slip-On Sneakers ~ $490
7. Rachel Zoe Barney Slip on Sneakers ~ $175
8. Superga Slip On Sneakers ~ $60
9. H by Hudson Annuk Slip on Sneakers ~ $215


5 thoughts on “Spring Into Slip On Sneakers

    • Well, they are by high-end designers. Yes they’re a bit much, but I think they’re great inspiration when looking for similar ones at more affordable prices :)

  1. Love slip ons. They are so great! I’m thinking of getting those Mui Mui’s cause I love the metal toe detail. Nice post!

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