Cheese Straws

031-2If you are like me, you had no idea that the Super Bowl was this Sunday (I discovered it was due to the fact my office was having a Super Bowl potluck today; it then became obvious). I have never been a big sports fan and if I ever do watch the game, it is in anticipation for the half-time show or the much talked about commercials that air. But one item that gets me excited is the food. From hamburgers to chips and dip, you can pretty much find me hanging around the spread. A recipe that I wanted to make for this year’s Super Bowl was cheese straws. Such an easy and delicious finger food that people will be constantly craving due to its light, flaky, cheesy goodness!004-2 008-2 018-2


Hair Inspiration

Hair 1This weekend I am planning on cutting my hair. Nothing dramatic, but I do want it a little shorter where it will be a lot easier to manage and give me somewhat of a new look. Here are some inspirational looks that I am planning on drawing my haircut from. As you can see, the look I am going for is a short to medium length with long layers.Hair 2 Hair 3 Hair 4 Hair 5Images {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Sweet Moments

001My current desk with my new mug from Anthropologie

This week I have been feeling a little under the weather; it’s never fun catching a cold. But I have been eagerly planning a road trip next weekend (more to come next week), so lots of plans have been going on the past few days in preparation for going out of town. I think my excitement is helping me make a speedy recovery! Here are a few sweet moments from my week. Have a lovely day!

002Decorating with vintage cameras

003New fun-colored shades: Slapper and Knackered

004 Celebrating my birthday with delicious pastries in lieu of a cake

An Oxford With An Edge


Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger Shirt, Zara Jeans, Calvin Klein Jacket, Zara Heels, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Michael Kors Watch

I usually associate a classic button down oxford with business attire. But the wonderful thing about this blouse is it pairs so well with a great pair of jeans for a perfect causal look. But I didn’t want the outfit to look too proper, so I added an edgy leather moto jacket and heels with studs for look that isn’t too polished. 004 002 003

Movie Review ~ Saving Mr. Banks

BanksWinds in the east, mist coming in. Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin. Such beautiful and memorable words to a classic film. Saving Mr. Banks is an eye-opening event of seeing how Mary Poppins became the wonderful film it still is today. I felt like every actor was perfectly cast in this film. Emma Thompson is laugh-out loud funny as the author, P.S. Travers. She is so pessimistic and cynical about every detail; no matter if is about details regarding the script or everyday life that it that each and every line she utters is simply hilarious. Tom Hanks is uncannily familiar as Walt Disney. The mannerisms and the way he speaks, it is like watching a reincarnation of the man himself. Jason Schwartzman, B. J. Novak, Colin Farrell, and Paul Giamatti are all fantastic as the supporting characters. There are many flashbacks in the film to Travers early life and growing up with an alcoholic father that she lost at an early age. I thought this was the perfect way to show us who this woman is. Saving Mr. Banks is a wonderful, family film that will transport you back in time to the 60s and let you see how Mary Poppins all started. It’s a film that will certainly make you laugh, maybe cry (I certainly did), and warm your heart by these remarkable characters.

Image via IMDB