Knitted Sweaters

Knitted SweatersI love nothing more than a cozy and warm sweater during the fall. If it were possible, I would own one in every color because I love pairing sweaters with anything from jeans to over a dress with tights. Here are my picks for a great knitted sweater for fall.

1. American Vintage Textured Jumper ~ $182
2. J. Crew Collection Silk-Mohair Sweater ~ $298
3. Burberry Knit Jumper ~ $543
4. Rag & Bone Pullover ~ $395
5. H&M Knit Sweater ~ $30
6. J. Crew Merino Lace Sweater ~ $98
7. Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Sweater ~ $443
8. French Connection Vhari Knits Jumper ~ $108
9. Topshop Knitted Clean Rib Jumper ~ $76


3 thoughts on “Knitted Sweaters

  1. I totally agree: I’ve been totally getting into sweaters over dresses this season! Love that gray Rag & Bone one, would look great over a collared shirt dress….

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