Weekend Shopping


{J. Crew Shirts and Ralph Lauren jeans}

After a few weeks of not shopping at the mall, I feel like I have deprived myself out of the pleasure of shopping. After all, being a college student, I am quite busy at home on the computer writing many papers and such. I therefore occasionally (which really means all the time) tend to edge away from my writing and onto the internet to shop. But it is quite a different feeling when you are actually in the store and seeing the clothes you want up close and getting a better sense of how they look. This past weekend I ventured out to do some shopping and it was the perfect weekend to do so with the great sales. I found some great finds at J. Crew and Macy’s. Not to mention, the purchases that I ordered online finally arrived which made my weekend even better!


{Simple ASOS dress}


{Ray-Ban Sunglasses and gifted necklace}


{New Stylemint Tees – Outfit post coming soon!}


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