I think oxfords are a perfect shoe for the fall/winter. I love pairing them with tights and they will go with anything from dresses to skirts to jeans. They are very versatile and look great with any outfit.

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Sweet Stuff

Don’t you love the times when you order something online but your week is so incredibly busy that you completely forget about them and when you see those packages waiting on your doorstep, you get that exciting feeling that that package is for you? That’s what happened to me this past weekend. My leather jacket as well as my Zara shoes and Isabel Marant boot lookalikes came and I love each item so much!





Velvet has that great fabric that always looks so unique due to its texture. It’s a perfect fall addition to one’s wardrobe in how its dark color really stands out. I am very excited to add some velvet pieces to my closet this season!

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