Half-Tucked Shirt

One trend that you certainly cannot miss is the half tucked/untucked shirt. This very obvious trend, in my opinion, certainly gives new meaning to that laid back, effortlessly cool look. I certainly don’t think I would be able to pull off this look without it looking messy and contrived.

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Studded Shoes

These studded shoes add some serious punch to any outfit. This style gives such a fun and fierce look that makes them unique from all other shoes. I would certainly love to own a pair for myself!

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Dreaming of a Getaway

During the long days at work, I have begun dreaming of being elsewhere. With summer almost over, another vacation seems like the perfect end to get away and visit fun and exciting places. These beautiful places I wish I can visit/revisit, but for now will only be seen in my daydreams.

Exploring small towns

Touring large cities

Relaxing on the beach

Exploring side streets

Enjoying a Paris park

Rediscovering places I’ve been before

 Sightseeing unique places like Greece

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