Fashion Top 10: Mint

As spring rolls in, a color that will be turning up, which is also one I love and excited to be seeing in stores, is a minty, seafoam color. When I look in my closet, I am one who definitely does not own much green. But a mint green sends a message of relaxed and cool. Here are my top 10 buys for the spring.

1. Ruche Sweet Pleats Mini Skirt ~ $33
2. Topshop Moto Neon Hotpants ~ $40
3. Topshop Quilted Leather Purse ~ $32
4. Topshop Ballet Pumps ~ $36
5. Topshop Cotton Trousers ~ $64
6. Essie Blue and Green Nail Polish ~ $8
7. Lancome Fever Gloss Lipshine ~ $26
8. Blouse ~ $52
9. Mint Geode Ring ~ $15
10. Chiffon Dress ~ $30

Design from Polyvore


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